PREFERRED 4″ 1 Piece Base Cover

PREFERRED 4″ 1 Piece Base Cover

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PREFERRED 4″ 1 Piece Base Cover is used to finish off a 4″ Post Sleeve’s Base.  It slips over the top of the sleeve and then is shimmied down to the base and then screwed to the base.  This base cover needs to be applied to the bottom of the post before any Rail Brackets are attached.  The base cover is included with a Post Sleeve Kit.  This should only be purchased for replacement or if the kit is not purchased.


FINISH Black Textured, White Textured, Charcoal Gray Textured, Brown Texture, Sandstone Texture.
MATERIAL TYPE Aluminum Casting
Height 11/8”
Dimensions OUTSIDE: 6” X 6”

INSIDE: 39/16” X 39/16”

You have to install this Base Cover before any Brackets are attached, as the base cover is slipped over the top of the post and shimmied down the post to the bottom, and then attached with screws.


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Black Textured, Brown Textured, Charcoal Gray Textured, Sandstone Textured, White Textured


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